Our Why

"I will never forget the disappointment I felt. I was intelligent, educated, and great at a lot of things…but I couldn’t find a career path that I loved. I became discouraged, embarrassed, and ashamed – but it was there that I found my purpose. So I created a program to help others find their path early and avoid the struggle." 
- Chaunta' N. Floyd, CEO

When I was a child – and until I got to college – I wanted to be a Pediatrician.  When I enrolled in my first anatomy and physiology class, I found out I had to dissect human body parts, which was a major problem since I had a fear of death.  I never thought for one second that I would have to do something like this because I was focused on taking care of babies!

Since I didn’t have a backup plan, I spent the next 15+ years of my life trying to find something else to do. I gained a lot of valuable experience throughout my journey; however, I continued to struggle to find a career that was fulfilling.  I knew I wanted to work with people but didn’t know in what capacity.  One, small detail had changed everything for me, and I knew I was not the only person who has had that experience.

Years before, I heard someone say that even our trials and tribulations are not about us – they are for us to be a blessing to other people.  Those words have always stuck with me, and one day it hit me.  What trials have I experienced in my life that I could use to help someone else?  Choosing my career path!

I knew I wasn’t the only person who has had difficulty finding a fulfilling career.  I wasn’t the only person who was getting older and feeling like I had to settle for a job just to pay the bills. When we’re younger, we usually aren’t thinking about the ins and outs of the profession(s) we’re interested in – we look at the salary and the end result.  If someone had mentioned dissecting human body parts before I went to college, I would have quickly pursued something else.  Not having that one little piece of information had a major impact on my life.  I often felt lost and ashamed as I watched others take off and live their dreams while I was still guessing.

I started thinking about our youth and how important it is to prepare them early and make sure they are aware of the educational requirements and other aspects of careers they may be seeking.  I also thought about the adults who may be in a career that they aren’t happy with, have skills that they don’t know how to turn into a career, or maybe just simply need help developing a career plan.  Those thoughts turned into the creation of Get to Work, Inc.

My goal is to help others figure out how to turn their dreams into a career, figure out their “why” and spend their lives doing that thing that makes them happy!

Ready to join me?

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