After experiencing some obstacles, I was strongly considering closing my business.  After working with Chaunta', I have a new plan and I'm more confident about the future of my business.

Jeff W.

Every time Chaunta' speaks it's like gold nuggets fall out of her mouth! I'm back on track and excited about restructuring my business!

Debra W.

One quick tip from Chaunta' before my interview landed me the job...research the company!  I aced my interview and was hired on the spot!


I like the program because it taught me how to get a job. I don't have to learn these things by experience, but I got a heads up on what to expect from this program.


I signed my son up for the Get to Work Program and he has learned so much! This is definitely a great head start program for teens. We love it! Once my daughter turns 13, I will be signing her up, too!

T. Hagues